New Reel paper dispenser precut


With the new Reel paper dispenser precut Ditehi, of course.

The Reel paper dispenser precut Ditehi has a new outlet nozzle that allows the use of continuous paper rolls with pre-cut. A professional and compact team, which now also provides significant paper savings thanks to its single-dose dispensing. It is the perfect dispenser for kitchens in bars, restaurants, etc., spaces where paper consumption is high and where extra agility is also needed in paper dispensing.

Available in WHITE color and SILVER color:



New SILVER line


Ditehi presents the new SILVER finish in her product line.
A new color with texture and appearance of polished steel.

Our entire product range is made of pure white ABS. We have now developed a new and unique finish. On the same basis of ABS we apply a number of layers of color that give the piece a finish with textured and appearance of polished steel. Different, differentiating.

Meet our new line SILVER.

New Dispenser Bulk Pack


Bulk Pack is the mini size wipe dispenser served in zigzag. Its vertical design is specially thought for small size bathrooms, where comfort is essential. It’s available in 3 colors where you can choose the viewer; Smoked, Blue and Green.

Fragance gel dispenser, fresh scent 24 hours a day

Dispensador para fragancias de gel Ditehi

The fragrance dispenser for Ditehi gel provides a cool, sweet scent 24 hours a day. Its effective dispersal system by fan ensures perfect results for stays of up to 25 m3 and long lasting fragrances reach 30 days of continuous use.
The display Freshener is available in 3 different colors; I smoked, Blue and Green and fragrances in five flavors; Orange, Pine, Cinnamon, Mint and Lemon.
5 fragrances are green, made ​​from organic and biodegradable materials, thus only able to last up to 30 days.

Paper dispenser Mini-wick, symbol of distinction

Dispensador mini-mecha Ditehi

The Mini-wick dispenser Ditehi for continuous paper roll is a professional and compact, perfect for bathrooms and kitchens medium sized team. Available in 3 colors viewer choice, Fumé, Blue and Green.
Incorporates a lockable vandal security to prevent equipment damage. Its easy access to the interior facilitates a fast and convenient paper replacement.
The mini-wick dispenser is made of ABS and distributed in packages of 1 u. With the guarantee of Ditehi design and manufacture, made ​​in Spain.